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Strategy & Target Operating Model Transformation

Our TOM approach is disruptive, unique and cost-effective. We pride ourselves for our precision of execution and benefits realisation.

A Target Operating Model (TOM) defines how an organisation needs to operate through their processes and people in the future while meeting the organisation’s strategy, objectives and stakeholder requirements.

The TOM provides a high-level and detailed future blueprint of how an organisation intends to achieve its strategic vision by holistically transforming people, technology, data, processes and services.

We transform our clients’ business and operating models, helping them to create more value for their customers. We drive a radical change in clients’ business models, operating models, process framework and digital capabilities that deliver disruptive outcomes for the customers and the organisation. We use design thinking, innovation, customer journey experience and strategic approaches to drive optimal design and deliverables.

We develop customised artefacts and TOM approaches that are the fastest and most cost-effective way of successfully executing strategy regardless of industry, geography, complexity and size of your business.

We offer: Operating Model Maturity Model, Capacity Model, As-Is and To-Be Designs, Definition of Business & Technology Roadmaps, KPIs/Metrics and Dashboards, Capability Model, Governance Model, Risk & Control Models, Regulatory Implementation Strategies, Strategic Data Models, Data Operating Models, Data Governance, Data Migration, “To Be” Technology Architecture, Legacy System Decommission Model, Business Analysis, Customer Journey Strategies, customised Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

This also includes capability model and capability building:

  • Benchmark operational strategy and developing strategic solutions.
  • Design models and execution aligned to organisations’ vision and strategy.
  • Design “As-Is” (current state) and “To-Be” (future state) target operating models
  • Customer journeys, UX, customer experience
  • Business models design, value proposition, customer segmentation
  • Transformation strategy development
  • Organisational design, HR, governance model, roles & responsibilities
  • Process improvement, process architecture, process excellence, process mapping
  • Risk & Control
  • Capability building:
  • Definition of gap analysis
  • Definition of “key” capabilities
  • Definition of roadmap to implement “required” new capabilities
  • Build strong and confident teams after implementation of the TOM
  • Develop operational excellence and lean capabilities to develop a culture of continuous improvement
  • Increased level of automation and digital capability
  • Business Process Framework

    The process is the core component of an operating model, and a business process framework articulates and orchestrates end-to-end processes within an organisation while cascading its vision and strategic objectives.

    The Business Process Framework also incorporates a Business Architecture Process Model that defines the “as-is” and “to-be” business capabilities, functions and process flows. The framework aims to explain “Who does What When”, by architecting and mapping process activities in a sequential order, their corresponding owners, as well as interactions and hand-offs.

    We also develop process value chains artefacts to ensure alignment between the customer’s journey strategy and end-to-end process workflows. Creating a customer journey mapped out to process workflows helps to deeply understand every aspect of customers’ or users’ experience, identify pain points so that they can successfully be resolved and so that customer experience can be improved and retention can be increased.

    At ecosysBiz, we are specialists in building innovative multi-layer business process frameworks and value chains aligned to an organisation’s tactical or strategic objectives.

    Our professionals are experienced practitioners of Process Frameworks, Value Chains, Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Architecture methodologies.

    Our Case Studies

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    A Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: Public Sector

    A Global Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: Global Specialty Insurance

    A Global Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: London Market Insurance

    A Global Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: Asset Management

    A Global Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: Wealth Management