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Cyber Security

Delivering Effective Cyber Security TOM That Enables Organisations To Effectively Defend Against Cyber Security Threats.

Cyber security has become a severe challenge for organisations, and it has become a matter of “when” rather than “if” you will be facing these cyber security challenges. The financial sector cyber security is a concern because this industry is among the top targets for cyberattacks. Intrusion into financial institutions has the objective of illegal enrichment, espionage, geopolitical challenges and terrorism. Cyber security challenges come in many forms: cloud attacks, outdated hardware, software vulnerability, blockchain  and cryptocurrency attacks. Their motivations can also be diverse, ranging from stealing money from individual banks accounts to rivalry and ideological opponents aiming to gain classified data, cause disruption in financial systems and provoke panic.
Organisations are accelerating and evolving their digital transformation processes, which are not only opening new opportunities but also bringing new challenges. The ever increasing expansion of online solutions involves the exponential growth of risk factors and vulnerabilities. Challenges are as follows: ransomware, unencrypted data, third party software vulnerabilities, insider threats.

Cyber Target Operating Models

We design a cyber security operating model or blueprint of your organisation’s vision that is aligned to your corporate vision and operating and specifically to the cyber security capabilities.

We help you to deliver an operating model for cyber security by making cyber security as a catalyst for innovation. By seeing cyber security as a driver of transformation, you could not only tackle the problem but also innovate your operating models.

The advantage of defining an effective cyber target operating model is to equip an organisation with the right tools that enable them to effectively safeguard against any cyber security threats. The objective is that your organisation’s operating model’s components such as processes, data, people, and technology are prepared for the cyber security threats your organisation may face.

A cyber target operating model may include:

  • Definition of cyber security strategy
  • Capabilities assessments and gap analysis identification
  • Procedures and policies incorporating business rules and cyber security regulations and rules which people, processes, data and services need to adhere to
  • Process and data automation aligned to effectively focused on and aligned to an organisation’s vision and cyber security strategy
  • Definition of risk and control model.
We bring together a business -focused approach, sector-specific expertise, advanced technology and skilled professionals to deliver end-to-end cyber security transformation. We also offer cyber security outsourcing and help organisations to achieve their cyber essential certification. We have also developed cyber security checklists and offer technology and specialised resources that provide organisations with the ultimate level of protection. Our team monitors 24/7.

Our Case Studies

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