ecosysBiz is the fastest and most cost-effective way of successfully executing strategy regardless of industry, geography, complexity and size of your business.


Examples of benefits reported by satisfied clients are given below:
Digitalisation Operating Model Digitalisation

50% core legacy systems decommissioning, and 80% services re-usability reducing cost-income ratio below 50%.

Revenue Growth Strategies

Enabled growth of the customer base by 50% and 40% revenue increase in one year.

Business Consolidation/Integration and Automation

Significantly improved financial performance with group underlying profit more than doubled to £6.2 billion.

Innovative Operating Model Implementation

Led to immediate reduced division basis by 45% for stronger profit contribution, and operational productivity increased by 40%.

Changing customer requirements and behaviours, technology-driven disruptions, consolidation, intense cost, competitive pressure, and profound regulatory change are forcing industries to rethink their business and operating models.

In the face of uncertainty and challenges, organisations are in danger of acting with yesterday’s logic and stepping into consequent irremediable failures.

ecosyBiz is a disruptor to the management consulting industry and traditional consulting firms that have been in the marketplace for many decades employing conventional and traditional approaches.

Our out-of-the- box business model, value proposition and disruptive method are supported by a unique approach to processes, data, technology, and people – All customer-centric.

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Strategy & Innovation Consulting

Today, industries are facing extraordinary events arising from geopolitical and economic challenges, including the war in Ukraine, inflation, supply chain disruption and the possibility of a global recession.

Strategy & Ops Model Transformation

A Target Operating Model (TOM) defines how an organisation needs to operate through their processes and people in the future while meeting the organisation’s strategy, objectives and stakeholder requirements.

Risk And Regulatory Consulting

Organisations are undergoing unprecedented changes across all industries, and these changes also bring with them risks and new regulatory mandates.

Technology Transformation & Digitalization

For businesses around the world, keeping up with the pace of technology can be a significant challenge given the rapid increase of change in the industry.

Cyber Security

Cyber security has become a severe challenge for organisations, and it has become a matter of “when” rather than “if” you will be facing these cyber security challenges.


Since the world is becoming increasingly intelligent and the process value chains are being transformed, data are becoming an essential source of insights for organisations.


Our strategic alliances are focused on technology and data providers such as open source, ServiceNow, blockchain, cloud, digitalisation, InsurTech, cyber security, data scientists and data analytics.

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A Global Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: Telecoms

A Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: Public Sector

A Global Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: Global Specialty Insurance

A Global Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: London Market Insurance

A Global Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: Asset Management

A Global Target Operating Model (TOM) for Growth: Wealth Management