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Our Story

In 2019, ecosysBiz® emerged due to extensive work carried out by an experienced consulting team who have been successfully pioneering “out-of-the-box” solutions within well-recognised insurance companies worldwide for over a decade. The ecosysBiz® trademark was first registered in the UK in 2028 before registering in more than 33 countries worldwide.

We aim to help our clients navigate disruption, embrace innovation and transformation to manage regulatory change, and integrate business and technology to transform performance and achieve long-term growth.

ecosysBiz® was founded by Antonia Gimenez, a multi-award business winner and highly recognized strategy consultant for C-suite clients and pioneer of the Business Architect and Target Operating Model with a strong track record of more than two decades helping global organization execute their multibillion-dollar strategies involving cost reduction and revenue generation.

ecosysBiz’s® method was born to disrupt the management consulting industry and traditional consulting practices in the marketplace for many decades.

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