The Operating Model Maturity Model [OMMM]

ecosysBiz introduces the OMMM that assesses ability to perform strategic objectives.

How crucial are “capabilities assessment” for business decision making?

Every business not only needs to identify their differentiating capabilities that enable them to operate from their strengths, but also identify the ones that promote poor business performance. This should be part of their current blueprint, a model they may always use to leverage their future strategies against.

A capabilities assessment enables you to know where you are, where you’re going and guidance of how to get to your end result.

In the Operating Model Maturity Model assessment your business will discover:

“As-is” capabilities’ status and performance.

Capability Maturity Assessment.

Gap Analysis: “To-be” capabilities assessment.

Benchmark Operating Model capabilities.

  • Gap Analysis Industry.
  • Gap Analysis Competition.

Using the Results.

Build your road-map.


Increases Customer Profitability (Up to 20%)

Accelerate ROI (Up to 30%)

Achieve Successful Benefit Realisation (Up to 50%)

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