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Business and Industry Performance

In a volatile and uncertain marketplace, organisations must become more agile and resilient to master innovative solutions that enable them grow and keep ahead of their competitors.

Global economic uncertainty is surging amid extraordinary events arising from geopolitical and economic challenges including the war in Ukraine, inflation, supply chain disruption and the possibility of a global recession. These uncertainty shocks have real consequences for industries and business all over the world.

External factors that impact the growth of an industry are macroeconomic, technological, demographic and governmental. But not all industries perform the same. Industry is the only incentive that can determine how your business performs in relation to others within the industry you’re competing in.

To achieve a good performance and growth confidently and consistently, organisations are under an enormous pressure to transform their operating models due to increasing changes in technological trends, customers’ demands, and expectations, and new regulatory mandates.

The pressure is on to execute innovative operating models that transform their challenges and uncertainties in sustainable growth.