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PAS: MGAs Are Innovating The Core Of Their Business Drives

PAS: MGAs Are Innovating The Core Of Their Business Drives

Policy Administration System (PAS) embeds core capabilities and is indispensable for insurers to perform their roles and processes.

Legacy Policy Administration Systems continuously restrict insurance organisations from potential opportunities for growth and its ability to meet its digital transformation goals, which consequently makes PAS an imperative objective for Transformation.

Innovating PAS capabilities can drive business growth.

Managing General Agents [MGAs] can achieve accelerated growth by focussing on the PAS’ role across the following strategic levers:

  • Business Process Standardisation: Business Process Standardisation boost output and productivity.
  • Data: Analytics and artificial intelligence contribute to large amounts of value in data-intensive workflows, like underwriting and rating.
  • Product Innovation: The PAS provides the digital core needed to develop the integrated product capabilities necessary to keep up with the ever-changing market demands.
  • Customer’s Journey/Experience: Customer experience by simplifying and digitising processes that leverage data from sales and underwriting activities, while also minimising onerous back-and-forth with the carriers.
  • Insurance Ecosystem: Providing a platform with plug-and-play capabilities to employers, brokers, agents, and other ecosystem partners simplifies data and workflow integration in an increasingly complex web of interconnected business relationships.

There are several possibilities and approaches with regards to transformation when choosing between incumbent PAS solutions, bespoke or a new, innovative solution.

Delivering the right PAS strategy for a group insurer requires multiple analysis of their Operating Models, and Operating Model Maturity assessment, analysis of strategic objectives, technological needs, pain points, available resources, and timeline objectives.




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