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ecosysBiz’s Operating Model Maturity Model (OMMM). It Drives Growth…


Transforming Uncertainty in Growth

We all live in a rapidly changing business environment. How life has changed to the extent that those things that were hardly imaginable to our parents’ or grandparents’ generations, nowadays dominate the marketplace.

Businesses are not only facing increasing demands to execute change or transformation faster than ever before, but they are also forced to adopt innovative approaches to overcome tomorrow’s challenges that keep them apart as a differentiator from their competitors.

Have you ever wished to know how …

Your business capabilities compare to the industry you are in, best practices and competitors?

Or how you can maximise benefits realisation, gain competitive advantage, customers satisfaction or accelerate ROI and much more?

ecossyBiz has developed an innovative Operating Model Maturity Model [OMMM] to help our clients to conduct a business capability assessment against their industry, and competitors.

In Business, the best way to understand which direction to follow is to first define or assess the “as-is” state. ecossyBiz’s Operating Model Maturity Model offers a methodology that accurately help you to visualize how to get your business to where you would like to be.

  • Identify “as-is” capabilities’ status.
  • Definition of “To-be” capabilities. What type of business you want to run in the future.
  • Gap analysis assessment. Identification and prioritization of gaps you need to close, and also determine your differentiating capabilities that enables you to operate from your strengths. The strength that you can leverage.
  • Benchmark Operating Model capabilities. Definition of capability baselines against ecosysBiz’s database using industry and best practices so that improvements and impacts are accurately assessed against.
  • Build your road- Sep up priorities for investments against the biggest ROI initiative and track on progress.



Our purpose is to bring certainty to business that boost sustainable growth worldwide.

We pride ourselves on our precision of execution and benefit realisation. Our disruptive approach helps build confidence in the marketplace.