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Claims As a Catalyst for Transformation

Claims As a Catalyst for Transformation: London Market


Like many industries, the insurance industry has entered an era of transformation with the integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and comprehensive machine learning (ML). By integrating AI and ML, the future of insurance can evolve to improve efficiency, accuracy, and enhance the customer experience while reducing costs across the board.


Many AI and ML technologies are in use today throughout the insurance industry, assisting with everything from customer engagement to claims processing.


Improving the Customer Experience

Utilizing AI for customer engagement reduces manual labor costs, increases customer satisfaction, and improves claims processing and policy pricing efficiency. The AI systems like conversational AI help answer common questions with accuracy, provide information about their policy, and direct customers on what to do when filing a claim. Overall, AI improves the customer experience by providing prompt assistance and personalization about each customer’s policies and history.


Improving Claims and Personalize Policies

Insurers and adjusters can utilize AI and machine learning technologies to speed up and manage the claims process with minimal to no human intervention.


AI integration for policies and claims evaluates risk by analyzing large amounts of data, credit scores, and media activity. The data allows insurers to price policies more accurately and offer their customers a personalized policy. Machine learning is used in claims processing by utilizing image recognition and data analysis to predict costs and speed up the claim settlement process benefiting both the customer and the insurer.


AI and machine learning have already made a major impact on the insurance industry. As technology evolves and rapidly advances, the leaders in the insurance industry are the carriers using these new technologies to create innovative processes and harness data through machine learning to streamline processes and lower costs to provide an exceptional customer experience.



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