Telecoms, Media & Technology (TMT)

Building digital infrastructure and services that connect people and businesses all over the world.

The telecommunications, media and high-tech sector is leading the digital world, driving innovative technologies and designing new digital services across every industry.

The Telecoms, Technology and Media (TMT) sector generates more economic profits than any other sectors of the global economy. But, they are not shielded from the disruption they themselves created.

The continuous focus on digitalisation, emerging disruptive technologies and increasing customer demands are only some of the unexpected challenges the sector has been addressing over recent years. These challenges have led to accelerated digital transformation, and a sudden demand for new ways of operating.

At ecosysBiz, we can help. Our professionals help telecoms, high tech and media companies to accelerate sustainable growth in this rapidly developing sector.

We help digital disruption in the TMT industry and understand how those adopting a digital-first, consumer-centric approach gain a competitive advantage.


Telecom companies are taking many initiatives, enhancing customer experience and generating revenue confidently and consistently. The telecom industry is transforming by applying disruptive technology; making existing telecom industry trends obsolete and improving new telecom trends such as OpenRAN Architecture, 5G network, AI and ML, Mobile Edge Computing, IoT, Cloud, IP-based network, diversified ecosystem and DevOps.


Digital disruption in media is accelerating. New technologies are changing customer expectations and demands, and thus shifting the media industry landscape. Most media companies are moving to digital-first. Big data is transforming the way media organisations define their products, services and customers experience. Machine learning (ML) has encouraged organisations to activate automation, enhance customer personification and define new trends.


Organisations may need to consider partnerships to keep technology capabilities relevant, stay competitive and make the most of technology. Our focus is always on making you the disruptor.