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How we differentiate

Today, in the face of uncertainty and challenges, organisations face the danger of acting with yesterday’s logic and consequent irremediable failures.

Our Value Proposition widely sets us apart from other managing consulting firms or competitors.

ecosysBiz® is a disruptor to the management consulting industry and traditional consulting firms that have been in the marketplace for many decades employing conventional approaches.

For decades, managing consulting firms in strategy have unsuccessfully attempted to develop approaches that view an organisation as a whole whilst implementing strategy. Performing a strategic review, analysis, and planning does not mean that businesses have a winning strategy. Success lies in the execution itself. However, research still reports 70% of strategies still fail in their execution.

The Trademark ecosysBiz® means Business Ecosystems, and it is a compound of “ecosys” [ecosystem] and “Biz” [business]. A disruptive method that proves to be the most cost-effective way of successfully executing strategy regardless of industry, geography, complexity, and size of business,

The method addresses “value sharing” from within and covers all aspects of an organisation’s ecosystem while implementing strategy.

Our out-of-the-box business model, value proposition, and disruptive method are supported by key components: process, data, technology partners, and client experience.

We are driven by financial benefits our clients are satisfied with.